Day 2, 20th March 2019

Breakout Session


Passport Photo - SaeedWORKSHOP A – Driving Digital Transformation through Cisco Business Architecture

Mr. Saeed Awwad, Solutions Architect, Cisco

“The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Transformation.”

Emphasizing on how important is the AI/ML to allow people to solve their traditional problems and digitize their environment. 

ayed_new_headshotWORKSHOP B – Cyber Security

Mr. Ayed Al Qartah, Consulting Systems Engineer Security, Cisco

“The Power of the Integrated Security Architecture”

As cyber threats are on the rise, the need for more security products in our networks is growing to protect against the modern, sophisticated threats, which leads to a complex security architectures that is hard to manage and operate. In this session we will show how CISCO integrates security across the network, cloud, Internet, email, and endpoints. We see a threat once and protect against it everywhere. We block more threats, respond faster to advanced threats, and deliver automation so IT resources go further.

Day 3, 21st March 2019

Specialized Workshops


Christina IoannidisWORKSHOP A – eCommerce

Ms. Christina Ioannidis, CEO, Aquitude

“Disruptive Data. How the Nexus of IoT, AI and Data will transform Business and Business Models.”

First there was Big Data, then there was AI and Machine Learning and now the Internet of Things is transforming the way business is done. But the real disruption is where these technologies meet.

The way we create products, the way we price and charge and even concepts of ownership are being challenged and your business is at risk.

The next Careem or Amazon for your industry has already launched. You need to determine your readiness and capabilities, identify gaps and risks and put a plan in place to ensure your success.

This session will introduce the concepts of moving from a traditional business model to outcome-based models built on IoT, Data and AI.

A facilitated workshop which will help you identify opportunities and create a plan to survive whatever comes next.

WORKSHOP B – Customer Service

AzamMr. Azam Ali Toor,Director Business Development, Customer Service

Understanding People Management Skills”

In this workshop, participants will learn some essential strategies for managing teams, leading team members and enhancing team performance.

Basic management skills such as communication skills and negotiation skills will be covered highlighting the importance of knowing how to communicate more effectively with your team and how to motivate and handle difficult individuals.

WORKSHOP C – Blockchain

Mr. Fawaz Shakralla, Head of IT, Bahrain Institute for Political Development 
Mr. Anupam Gupta, Director, Middle East Operations, ConsenSys


Blockchain Use-Case Analysis”

You will learn how to start a blockchain project.  What to consider in a blockchain use-case and how to decide on a blockchain solution for you’re organization. You will also learn the security aspect of blockchain application.

WORKSHOP D – Cybersecurity

DSCF2706Mr. Abdulla Mirza, Director – Growth & Strategy, DMARC360

Securing the Insecure Email Channel (DMARC)

Email has played a primary role in how organizations communicate internally and externally, thus making it essential to secure all email communication to avoid any losses. The real issue arises when we come to the realization that not many people know much about email security and potential threats. About 92% of all malicious content/intent is delivered via email, and we as humans tend to fall for them especially when an email is spoofed. During this workshop, you will understand the fundamentals of Email security & DMARC.