Speaker – Mr. Mohamad Lawand

mohd lawand

Mr. Mohamad Lawand

Managing Director



Mohamad lives to help critical industries raising their game against cyber adversaries. He started his career with hands-on experience implementing security devices to one of the region Central Banks, then joined Deloitte Middle East to work as a technical and strategic advisor to the most high-scaled organizations in the GCC and Levant. Mohamad moved with Deloitte Middle East to Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest economies in the region, and cyber criminals favorite target.

He spent around 7 years helping organizations building cyber risk models and establishing information security management systems. Mohamad then moved to Dubai, to serve the same purpose with Booz Allen Hamilton, this time focusing more on developing cyber strategies, governance models and risk management frameworks. Dubai was an inspiration to Mohamad, so he founded BlackHatch, a startup consulting boutique specialized in delivering Cyber Security Services. BlackHatch now serves as an advisor to many organizations from different industries.