Speaker – Mr. Isaac Kunkel

isaac kuntelMr. Isaac Kunkel

Senior Vice President – Blockchain Services



SVP at Chainyard responsible for Blockchain Consulting Services and facilitating enterprises in their efforts to turn blockchain into business value. Prior to launching Chainyard, Isaac worked in TiVo’s Advanced Search & Recommendations unit as Senior Director of Engineering Operations and Services. Isaac came to TiVo via an acquisition of Digitalsmiths by TiVo in 2014, having served as Vice President of Engineering at Digitalsmiths having joined the start up in 2007.

He helped the company increase the footprint of its products and services by building long-term customer relationships and increasing investor value. Isaac previously served in engineering and leadership roles across multiple industries including Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, MCI WorldCom, Prudential and Unisys. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from The Pennsylvania State University and Master of Science in Computer Science from Villanova University.