Mr. Bashar Arafe – Managing Director, IrisGuard UK Ltd

Bashar 6 copyMr. Bashar Arafe

Managing Director 

IrisGuard UK Ltd


Telecom executive, with 26 years of experience in the ICT sector, 18 years of which in the mobile telecom sector. Having lived and worked in 4 continents around the world. I consider myself a global citizen with a holistic view of business and social economic influence, across large parts of the world. I was lucky to have met, and discussed, topics from disruptive technologies to human rights, from business and world leaders, but most dearly by the great Nelson Mandela in his office in South Africa. I have managed mobile operators in different countries and in different continents, with different market conditions and market maturities. I helped in growing companies from small businesses to cross border multinational businesses, and was witness, and part of, being the COO of East Africa, of the largest mobile telecom company transaction in the history of Africa, with the sale of Zain Africa to Bharti Airtel for $10.7 billion (USD) in 2010. During my time at Wind Mobile Canada, I got to manage the West Canada expansion of Canada’s 4th mobile operator, and the latest entrant to the market in 2009. With a market complexity that is different from other markets I have worked in, different strategies had to be adopted to successfully penetrate the West market and establish our strong presence as an attacker operator. Wind Mobile’s performance during my tenure, not only overachieved its targets, but also had higher growth than some much more established brands in the market. Now, I enjoy advising companies and executives on effective growth and value extraction strategies across several industries but mainly the telecom and IT sectors, and always ready to listen to new opportunities where I can put my diverse experience into action, and value creation.