BTECH’s Message

Meet ICT - Ubaydli Ubaydli

Ubaydli Ubaydli

Chairman – BTECH (Bahrain Technology Companies Society)

Digital transformation is a new engine for economy growth, and it will also empower the innovation of other industries.

According to forecasts, by 2025 there will be four billion new broadband users, more than

100 billion things will be digitally connected, and every person’s consumption of data will increase more than 500-fold. What does all that mean? It means imagining the world differently—because we must, and because we can.

We in BTECH work hard with other related governmental, and non-governmental, entities, together with ICT companies to make the kingdom of Bahrain ready for this wave of digital transformation. To achieve such goals, BTECH:

  • Sees the ICT sector as playing a central role in this digital transformation of Bahrain.
  • Utilizes ICTs to attain developed country status by 2030. This will involve growth of the

ICT sector and the application of ICT in all sectors and at all levels to achieve rapid and sustained development.

For us in MEET ICT & BITEX, while we observe this phenomena, and insist to make the

Middle East countries part of it, realize the challenges hindering the world to properly meet its objectives. We look forward to be an integral element of this digital transformation that will make our world not only different, but also prosperous.

Looking forward to meeting you in the coming MEET ICT & BITEX 2017

Organizer’s Message

Meet ICT - Ahmed AlHujairyAhmed ALHujairy

Group CEO – Worksmart for Events Management

Businesses have always made changes. This may be as a result of changes in the marketplace or changes in capabilities. When transformation is in progress everyone has an opinion on what should be created, how it should be built, and even whether it should exist at all.

MEETICT and BITEX this year will explore what are the essential steps required to bring a traditional business on the road of a digital business transformation.

The organizing committee of MEET ICT and BITEX has put all their efforts to ensure that this year’s event is organized with the right activities and programs that would meet the growth of the ICT industry has seen in the recent years in the region. The event will host delegates and speakers from over 30 countries and it will be the best place to gain information about the latest ICT trends and development in the Middle East.

MEET ICT Conference themed “Smart World through Digital Transformation” which is the most hyped concept today and everybody feel they must go digital. We will host high-caliber experts to tackle and share their outstanding knowledge for the conference mainly focusing on Internet Of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Smart World, Digital Transformation and The Future Enterprise.

I am pleased to invite you to Bahrain’s leading ICT event and I look forward to seeing multi-stakeholder collaboration in enriching every visitor’s ICT knowledge.

The entire business model has been transformed… and this is only the beginning.