Meet ICT

2020: Leading the way to a Digital Economy

This year, MEET ICT focuses on “Leading the Way to A Digital Economy through Artificial Intelligence” in line with the vision of Bahrain and the Region’s technology advancement.

As stated by His Majesty, the King of Bahrain:

“In light of our serious endeavors towards a modern, knowledge-based economy, we direct the government to undertake the development of a comprehensive national plan to ensure that we are fully prepared to meet the needs of the digital economy, by adopting and employing artificial intelligence technologies in the production and service sectors, through the establishment of the necessary systems and technical frameworks, as well as through encouraging quality investments, in order to guarantee the maximum benefit to our national economy.”

Today, “digital economy” is a term being used for all of those economic processes, transactions and activities that are based on digital technologies. Digital economy compromises of many digital tools used in today’s economic world which needs to be identified and addressed especially in the region.

It has become an essential part of the architecture of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To ensure that organizations are equipped to navigate industry 4.0, leaders must be well versed in digital trends and disruptive technologies. To succeed in the new digital world is not just a one-off sprint. It is a continuous race to stay ahead of changing customer demands amid ever morphing landscapes.

In MEET ICT and BITEX, participants will be able to view technology and disruption as an opportunity that opens the market and inspires innovative thinking. Participants can explore and analyze the world’s innovative organizations as well as getting first-hand exposure to how companies evolved into today’s industry giants. 

MEET ICT and BITEX is designed to help embrace technology to drive performance and productivity. Exposure to global markets will give its delegates and exhibitors a holistic perspective and an opportunity to compare their landscapes, strategies, economies and industries with leading organizations, as it happens.

Conference Key Topics

Digital TransformationArtificial IntelligenceInternet of ThingsCyber Security