Day 1 – Tuesday, February 7, 2016

Opening Ceremony
Networking Break & Exhibition Opening
Session 1: Internet Of Things – From Hype To Insight

  • Start Small, THINK BIG: How The IOT Impacts Your Business
  • Is The Internet Of Things Strategic To The Enterprise?
  • IoT: Defining New Opportunity
Question And Answer – Session 1
Networking Break
Session 2: The New Era Of Cloud Computing And Big Data

  • Cloud Collaboration And Big Data Mitigation?
  • The Data Explosion And Cloud To The Rescue
  • The Future Of Cloud And Big Data – 2017 And Beyond
Question And Answer – Session 2
Session 3: Panel Discussion – How Does Iot Shape The Future And Adds Value To Your Organization?

Day 2 – Wednesday, February 8, 2016

Session 4: Cyber Skills In Demand – Building Promoting & Securing A Safer Cyber Space For Tomorrow

  • Successfully Tackling Cybercrime & Fraud?
  • What Are The Latest Threats And Methods Cybercriminals Are Using That We Need To Be Made Aware Of?
  • How Can We Continue To Mitigate Risks And Limit Our Exposure To A Potential Cybercrime Attack?
Question And Answer – Session 4
Networking Break
Session 5: Smart Cities Towards Innovation

  • How Governance Must Change To Enable The Smart City?
  • Innovative Platforms To Foster Sustainable Cities
  • Financing Urban Infrastructures Towards A Smart Sustainable Cities
Session 6: Digital Transformation: Are You Digital-Ready?

  • Trends Of Digital Transformation
  • The Impact Of Digital On Future Business Models
  • Reimagine The Role Of It In Digital Age
Networking Break
Session 7: The Future Enterprise

  • Innovation Strategies And It Implementations Promoting New Forms Of Enterprises In The Digital Economy
  • Governance And Agilification – Managing Risk In A Transforming Enterprise
  • Challenges Of Digital Business Innovation

*the above agenda is subject to change.

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